The Story

Welcome to + Rathskeller Fork +

Rathskeller Fork has a rocky history of ups and downs. From a lonely, godforsaken place to a bustling outpost that was then ravaged by disease and bandits…and all the way back up to the growing town you see as you enter now in 1890. Here is the story so far:

Rathskeller Fork began as a small settlement in the Gaptooth Ridge region of Perdido plains Territory. It was a desolate and dusty place with only a saloon, a stable and a brothel that soon grew into an infamous Travelers Inn. Bandits, bounty hunters and traders came from all over to mingle. Swapping stories, sharing secrets and trading both under tables and above board. Then the cholera epidemic came and wiped out almost the entire outpost. It wasn’t until prospectors discovered rich mineral deposits in the nearby rocky outcrops that the railway finally came and revived the area and Rathskeller Fork was brought back to life with its very own railway station. All manner of folks have begun arriving seeking fortune, mischief and everything in between.

Now your story starts as you step off the train and pick your path.